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Start your bucks and hens party with our VR escape room games, use our unique CBD location, to continue your fun and make it a special memory forever for you. 

Are you planning for a fun activity for your own bucks/hens party? Maybe you want a joint one? Or are you the best friend searching for the right activity to surprise them with? This is where Apsis VR comes into play with their VR escape rooms that guarantee a night of fun.

Stereotypes? No way! Not with Apsis!

Of course we love our stereotypical nights where we all get drunk till morning, although here at Apsis we totally understand it’s not for everybody. Even if that night sounds like a plan, a little pit stop to get the party going beforehand makes everything worth it.

You begin to bond, create the group dynamic, and everybody (even if they have/haven’t met before) get comfortable with one another in a bonding experience that will lead the night into the right direction.

Best part is that we understand how expensive that your wedding itself will be, booking everything at once is so frightening and a money grabber.

Which is why Apsis offers these VR escape rooms for yourselves to enjoy a time away from the reality of the stress, and to focus on the exciting times ahead. Think of this night as a celebration with your loved ones to work together, bond in a whole new way, and gather all the information required to complete your tasks at hand.

Why Apsis?

Apsis provides VR escape rooms that will test your friendships, your best mind skills, and will test how you guys work as a team once and for all. The VR escape rooms take you away into a new magical adventure in various categories from adventurous journeys, to intense situations where you just need to get out asap. 

These escape rooms provide not only fun, but provide a time to slip away from the real world and travel to a new place. From being in teams of 2-6 (dependent on adventure chosen), you will all work together to solve the mysteries, the clues and the adventure ahead to make it out before it’s too late. Want a pre-event before the big night ahead? Maybe not into the big crowds, loud atmospheres? Then coming to Apsis can provide your bucks/hens night with a delight for sure.

No matter the theme, you guys have the option to choose. Pick the adventure that brings you the most excitement, ask all the questions you need (while saving room for surprises). 

For the larger groups, you can book out the entire venue, where nobody else can come in and interrupt your fun for your session! 

Although most games have a group capacity of 6 travellers involved, if you have 12 at one time, you can race against one another to complete the adventure first or who gets the furthest. Get those bragging rights my friends!

So if you’re looking to make your night, a night to remember, then look no further than Apsis VR in Melbourne. Book now, and get pumped for a night to remember!