Like to be constantly doing something? Like to be against the clock with multiple tasks at hand? Adventurous escape rooms are for you.

Apsis VR Escape Rooms Melbourne - Alice In Wonderland VR



Adventurous escape rooms are a new type of VR experience that challenge your wits and creativity. You will be immersed in a realistic environment where you have to solve puzzles, find clues and escape before time runs out. You can choose from different themes and difficulty levels, such as being in a magical castle, bomb planted building or the north pole. Adventurous escape rooms are a fun and exciting way to test your skills and enjoy a virtual adventure with your friends or family.



Are you looking for a thrilling and fun experience? Do you enjoy being on the go constantly? If so, you should try out our adventurous escape rooms! You and your friends will be locked in a themed room full of clues and secrets. You will have 45 minutes to find your way out by using your logic, creativity and teamwork skills. Can you escape before time runs out? Book your adventure today and find out what surprises await you in our adventurous escape rooms!



Take part in the maelstrom of events and put yourself in Alice’s shoes! Plunge into a world of real magic! You have to uncover the secrets of the Queen of Hearts, who has cast a spell on Wonderland’s time.

Drink a shrinking potion and follow the White Rabbit through the twisted mazes of the world behind the looking-glass, where everything is turned upside down. Help the Hatter, who stuck in time, to sort out the mess at the mad tea-party. The Cheshire Cat will guide you through the enchanted thicket of Dark Forest. Save the fairies who know the secret of the evil queen by using the tips of the wise Caterpillar. Find a way to sneak past the card guards into the castle filled with tricky traps to defeat the Queen of Hearts, lift the spell from the main clock tower and save the Wonderland.



Christmas is under threat! Santa has got caught in a blizzard, he has lost all the presents and cannot find his way home. Only you can save Christmas.

To help Santa find his house, you need to light the lights on the biggest Christmas tree in the forest. However, before you do that you’ll have to get to where Santa lives in the North Pole and get everything back in order. Find out why the magic elves refuse to work and the presents are not getting to the children.

Hurry up to revive the first Christmas tree along with Santa’s best reindeer!



Secret services have located and neutralized a known terrorist who has been hiding out in a deprived area of the city for the last ten years. This is where the good news ends. It turns out that on the roof of an abandoned high-rise the maniac has installed a nuclear warhead with a timer on it.

The building itself has been turned into a tower filled with intricate traps and obstacles. You have been recommended as a specialist in such puzzles, and the secret service has helped you infiltrate the courtyard. The rest is down to you.

Can you get past all the traps and pre-empt a nuclear attack?



If only we could change the past, or witness the events that changed the world… Is it possible to change fate? Travel back in time to see if you can change the situation from which, it seemed – there was no way out.

What happened on the night of the accident? What happened afterwards? Find answers to questions that have remained unanswered until now.

The ghost town of Chernobyl can tell you its story… A story which cost lives. A disaster that still affects us today…


Are you ready for an adventure? Whether you’re looking for a thrill, a challenge or a laugh, we have an escape room for you. Don’t miss this chance to book your escape room today and enjoy an unforgettable experience!