Unleash an Exciting Blend of Learning and Adventure on School Excursions with an Apsis VR ESCAPE ROOM!




Apsis VR Melbourne introduces a captivating array of VR games tailored to suit school students. These games offer an immersive experience while imparting valuable skills applicable to the real world.

Immersive Experiences

Our VR games span a spectrum of adventures, from delving into historical wonders like Chernobyl to embarking on enchanting journeys such as Alice’s magical world. In these virtual realms, students engage with objects and characters as if they are integral parts of the game. This immersive experience proves invaluable, particularly for students who may not have the opportunity to physically visit these locations. Moreover, VR games have the power to invigorate learning, making it more engaging and entertaining, thereby enhancing students’ interest and motivation.


Escape Room Games Tailored for Schools

Apart from exploration-based games, Apsis VR Melbourne boasts an array of escape room challenges, thoughtfully categorized by difficulty levels. These team-oriented games prompt students to collaboratively solve puzzles in order to ‘break free’ from a virtual room. The games not only deliver a rush of excitement but also cultivate problem-solving and teamwork skills. By design, these games challenge students within a safe setting, allowing them to confront difficult challenges without the fear of setbacks. Games like ‘Christmas’ and ‘The Prison’ promise a remarkable learning experience for children.


Fostering Skills Beyond Entertainment

Apsis VR Melbourne’s games extend beyond entertainment by promoting the development of critical skills, including problem-solving, collaboration, creativity, teamwork, and practical abilities. VR games also nurture skills such as communication and decision-making. They offer students a platform to refine capabilities that might not find full expression in a traditional classroom setting. With VR games, students can hone these skills in a simulated environment free from judgment or risk. These advantages establish VR experiences as excellent school holiday activities in Melbourne.

Virtual Reality Games for Skill Development

The suite of games offered by Apsis VR provides students with a unique opportunity to acquire practical skills through virtual training. While these skills may not always align directly with academic curricula, they carry long-term benefits. The games supply a secure environment for students to learn and make mistakes, fostering practical skills without the physical risks of reality.


VR escape rooms offer a distinctive and stimulating environment that cultivates critical and creative thinking, encourages teamwork and collaboration, and inspires players to explore unorthodox solutions.



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