Escape Room Experience in Melbourne

Tempted to test your problem solving skills, improve communication and most importantly just have fun? Then why not try a VR escape room? Try solving puzzles and clues in a virtual room within 45 minutes for an exciting and challenging experience. These exciting adventures will satisfy even the most dedicated detectives as they make their way through various challenges.

Apsis VR Melbourne Escape Room

Key Takeaways

  • Apsis VR has various themes. These themes include haunted houses, saving Santa, defusing bombs, being a cyber warrior, experiencing Alice in Wonderland based on Tim Burton’s movie and many others. An escape room offers an enjoyable experience for people of all skill levels and interests. They offer fun experiences for everyone no matter their skills or interests.

  • VR escape rooms are the next generation of escape rooms. They have immersive puzzles and use technology for a different kind of experience. Most importantly they take you closer to a real-life experience.

  • These are good team building activities for work, school, or sports teams and and can be fun exercises to do with family. They help with communication and problem-solving in a fun, thematic way.

  • Apsis VR has added VR games and Arcades to its portfolio to enrich the customer experience.

Types of Escape Rooms

There are two types of escape room puzzles – the traditional physical escape rooms or virtual. In addition to that there are some which offer games, educational activities, relaxation and overall fun activities.

Physical rooms cannot change themes or settings right away because they are limited to what they have already set up. However they provide the best face to face experience. Physical constraints and imaginations limit the experiences they can provide.

Virtual Reality rooms can make complex puzzles and themes without the limitations of space that the physical rooms face. Using a headset and controller, you can solve space and earth problems. Experiencing unique challenges from around the world is difficult to do in physical rooms in Melbourne but virtual ones enable you to do so.

Structure and Diversity Of Experience

The best rooms offer a portfolio of themes whether they are virtual or physical. Virtual rooms generally have more choice because of technology – unlike the physical rooms. Rooms offer different themes including mystery rooms, adventure rooms, horror, educational and many more.

Physical Escape Room

The best escape rooms offer various puzzles for each theme. This allows players to select the level of difficulty they prefer when playing in a group.

People engage in direct face to face communication to offer the best experience in the physical rooms. This is increasingly becoming challenging in the corporate world after COVID, staff prefer more hybrid work environments. Escape room puzzles unite people for in-person communication, fostering teamwork across various places and time zones.

VR Escape Room

Virtual rooms have become popular because of technology advancements and the need for hybrid work caused by COVID. VR technology, mixed reality, and online games have allowed us to create ambitious VR escape rooms. VR can offer single and multi player options.

Apsis VR has introduced VR Games and VR Arcades to its portfolio because of customer demand. This has enabled them to cater for all ages and different segments. Diversity of themes has enabled them to offer different player experiences in shooting, cooking, dancing, sports and many more fun activities.

The best escape room tries to provide the real authentic surroundings to solve challenges to provide a truly immersive experience. Some of them offer jaw dropping special effects to alternate between reality and imagination.

Corporate teams have used it to perform team building, work events, and to entertain clients. They help people connect and enjoy themselves while getting to know each other, especially if it’s their first meeting.

How a VR Escape Room functions

Physical rooms are set up by each scene and people enter into the area in groups. However in a VR Escape Room they enter different scenes or puzzles virtually and transport from room to room. In a virtual room you might be standing or sitting or moving around physically in your physical space.

To perform game activities, you can use VR controllers to move, pick up things, and climb stairs. The VR headset creates a different world for you to explore and solve puzzles in. The headset speakers and earphones allow you to talk and listen to team members and block out background noise.

Apsis VR Melbourne Escape Room Experiences

Apsis VR, in Melbourne, are famous for their diverse themes and puzzles. They are conveniently located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.

Apsis VR not only offers escape rooms using Virtual Reality, but offer VR Games and Arcades too. Crucially, it has highly skilled game masters to provide help to individuals during gameplay and provides top-notch customer service with growing Google Reviews at a much faster pace than others. That is why people consider them them to be one of the best escape rooms in Melbourne.

You can have thrilling adventures at every turn. These adventures include haunted houses, diffusing a bomb, escaping from prison, shooting games and saving Santa. You can also experience time travel escapades like Medusa Gate, Chernobyl and Escape The Pyramid.

Whether you enjoy solving puzzles or diving into exciting stories, there’s definitely something here that will interest everyone!

Themed Adventure Awaits in Melbourne CBD

Apsis VR’s VR adventures are exciting because they have escape room(s), VR games, and VR arcades. You can experience mystery, adventure, horror, sports, relaxation, and fun activities. These themes offer fun experiences for families, dates, and team building. They provide unique challenges and excitement for everyone involved.

Have loads of fun while experiencing teamwork challenges within these captivating themes. They promise unforgettable moments suitable for any age group.

An escape room brings people together for corporate events, educational outings, or friendly gatherings. These adventures help improve problem solving and teamwork by having participants solve puzzles together to escape. This helps develop skills like communication and creativity, and also creates enjoyable experiences that build strong relationships and lasting memories.

Virtual Reality and Beyond: The New Frontier of Escape Games

Virtual reality has taken escape rooms to a whole new level. Players can now enjoy immersive adventures with exciting stories and challenging puzzles. 3D tech transports gamers to surreal realms, breaking physical boundaries and taking them beyond ordinary gaming spaces.

Escape rooms have come a long way from traditional puzzles set up in physical rooms. With VR, experiences now its more real and immersive, blurring the line between fantasy and reality. It allows for captivating explorations that were never possible before.

The Future Is Now with VR Challenges

In Melbourne, escape rooms featuring virtual reality (VR) have become a hit for their captivating adventures and stimulating puzzles. Tech enthusiasts and thrill-seekers can test their problem-solving skills in unique and exciting environments. These environments present unique challenges that one cannot find anywhere else. A VR escape room lets players explore digital worlds and complete interactive tasks at the same time.

Family-Friendly Escapes: Fun for All Ages

VR based setups offer a portfolio of Escape Room(s), Games and Arcades that are more suitable for any ages. They organize them by difficulty, enabling groups to play various games at their own speed and at different times. Kids enjoy VR more than the adults and do not be surprised if they end up teaching their parents or rescue them too. However a recommended minimum age for kids is 10+ and

Escape rooms in Melbourne are a fun activity for families, with nearby bars, restaurants, shopping, and attractions. This will enable a family to explore other activities along with an escape room. They offer fun, exciting puzzles and challenges that all age groups can enjoy.

Families can have fun together at escape rooms, VR games, and VR Arcades. You can enjoy these unique activities at the same place.

These activities are great for any time, with some venues open from 10 AM to 10 PM. They are also entertaining for the whole family, leaving everyone feeling challenged and satisfied by this unique bonding opportunity.

Solving Mysteries with Loved Ones

Escape rooms offer a unique opportunity for families to come together and make wonderful memories. Working together on puzzles and tasks helps them improve communication, teamwork, and have fun at the same time.

From finding solutions hidden within codes to unveiling concealed secrets, you can solve mysteries together for a fun family day out. Try escape rooms with your relatives for excitement and enjoyment on your next outing.

Navigating the City: Escape Rooms Near You

One can easily reach Apsis VR by public transport or by car where we have lots of parking spots. They are perfect for a day out! Apsis VR is located in the heart of Melbourne CBD at 10 Queen Street, close to Flinders Street Station with lots of nearby parking and access to trams and trains.

Each room offers something unique for those who want to discover a different aspect of the city. There are options available for families as well as more challenging levels. Escape your everyday life and join a thrilling adventure in one of Melbourne’s unforgettable escape rooms.

Easy Access for an Exciting Day Out

Many of these escape rooms in Melbourne are easily accessible, allowing thrill seekers to have an exciting time close by. You can find one of these daring adventures located right in the City Centre and suburban areas alike close to restaurants, bars, shopping and sight seeing! It’s a chance for friends or family to have fun and explore Melbourne. Apsis VR is located close to Sea Life Aquarium, Eureka Towers, the Yarra River for a boat ride, Museum, restaurants at South Bank and several bars near by.

Crafting the Perfect Escape Room Experience

When walking into an escape room, it’s important to remember that the experience is greater than just a game. From the moment of entering until solving each challenge in its entirety, no two experiences are ever alike. To improve your chances of success in this adventure, make sure to communicate effectively with your team members. Game Masters are skilled to provide you a good briefing before you start the puzzle especially in VR rooms. Take into account all possible options and collaborate together towards the common goal of escaping.

Strategies for Success

Escape rooms can be a thrilling experience when teams work together, communicate and apply problem-solving skills. By focusing, sharing information, and managing tasks, you can solve escape room puzzles better, even under pressure.

Teamwork is key for creating enjoyable experiences as they try to achieve success through conquering these challenges. Working collaboratively on solving puzzles allows you greater efficiency towards escaping the room successfully.

The Evolution of Escape Rooms in Melbourne

Escape rooms in Melbourne have evolved from physical to virtual reality-based rooms. The more advanced VR venues now offer single player, multi player VR Games, Arcades and escape rooms. These experiences captivate and engage people’s minds. They offer puzzles of different difficulty levels for players to solve.

Today they use technology to enhance themed rooms, solve puzzles, and create the best experience for all customers. Looking for the top escape room in Melbourne? At Apsis VR, we strive to offer excellent customer service and options for all ages, starting from 10+ and probably in the future 7+ if the technology permits us to do so.

Virtual reality escape adventures are popular at corporate events in Melbourne, as they become more accessible. Guests have the option to choose from various themes.


For a truly unique experience, visiting one of Melbourne’s escape rooms is perfect for players of all ages. Put your problem-solving skills to the test while trying to solve tricky puzzles with friends and family in an exciting atmosphere.

Explore interactive spaces to escape reality and discover captivating themes. It will bring you closer together like never before. Have fun in the city by trying an exciting escape room adventure. Give it a go today and challenge yourself!

What is the hardest escape room in Melbourne ?

There is no single escape room that is the hardest or easiest. This is a myth. It all depends on individuals and teams. An escape room that does not have hints are usually the most difficult or ones that require quick completion.

The beauty of an escape room is what someone might find it difficult, another might not. This is based on their skills and personality. To succeed in an escape room, you need to be observant, communicate well, and work as a team. These skills are crucial.

How many escape room puzzles are there at a venue ?

This depends on the type of escape room hosted. VR rooms have more games and puzzles than traditional physical rooms because they use technology to their advantage. VR Escape rooms in Melbourne can host anywhere between 12 to 16 people at the venue any one time with a maximum of 6 per puzzle. At Apsis VR, they have expanded their portfolio by themes to offer around 15+ escape room puzzles and 15+ Arcade VR games. However physical escape rooms tend to limit 6 players per puzzle and tend to have 4 or 5 puzzles due to space limitations.

What is the best time to visit an escape room in Melbourne ?

The best times to visit are weekday evenings and weekdays, according to customer preferences and data from Apsis VR. Customers often visit escape rooms in the CBD after work or on weekends. Apsis VR, the top escape room in Melbourne, will now offer the best VR entertainment options to its customers in 2024.