Kids Arcade Games For School Holidays Has A 10% Discount – Before June 28th

Kids MUST be 10+, Kids 8-10 will be only allowed to use VR Glasses and access to limited experiences, please specify age of kids in your booking.

Use our promo code SCH24 for a discount on your booking BEFORE the Term 2 school holidays commence on 28th of June.

By Booking Early you can get your best time and day too.

Vacation Simulator Melbourne CBD VR Arcade Games

Arcade Games – Immersion

Immerse yourself in new worlds at Apsis VR! We offer high-end, thrilling virtual reality experiences, that are the perfect activity for kids during school holidays and the young at heart. We offer VR escape rooms and games that fully immerse yourself in spooky worlds, with friendly Game Masters always on-hand to help guide your experience.

Richie's Plank Experience Apsis VR Arcade Games Melbourne CBD

A customer favorite experience is Richie’s Plank Experience…as long as you’re not afraid of heights! You’ll head up 50 stories in an elevator, where the doors will open and you’ll be faced with a simple wooden plank. When you’ve worked up the courage, you can walk across the plank and take in the stunning sights of the city. For the truly brave, you can even try stepping off – you’ll feel your stomach drop as you plummet!

Try our VR Holiday Experience

Want to go on holiday without spending all the time and money travel requires? Try out Google Earth, where you can pick absolutely anywhere on the planet to explore. Soar over cities or jungles in a bird’s eye view, dashing between continents in the blink of an eye. Or jump into Street View and stroll down the streets of Paris, explore Disneyland, or anywhere else you can think of!


Advanced Escape Rooms

Apsis VR Escape Room Melbourne - Assassin's Creed Escape Lost Pyramid VR - Screenshot 3

If you want to be transported through space and time, try out our Escape the Lost Pyramid escape room. Set in the world of Assassin’s Creed, you’ll find yourself transported to ancient Egypt, on the hunt for a mystical artifact. You’ll need to work with your team to make your way through traps, finding hidden secrets and solving puzzles as you go. Will you escape the pyramid, or will it become your tomb?

Use our promo code SCH24 for a discount on your booking BEFORE the Term 2 school holidays commence on 28th of June.

For the best kids activity for school holidays, book online today at melbourne.apsisvr.com/book-now/, or contact us at info@apsisvr.com if you have any questions – we’re always happy to help!

Please note that while we do accept walk-ins, we strongly recommend booking online to avoid disappointment, especially during school holidays, as we cannot guarantee space unless you book.