Apsis VR Escape Room Gift Card: Gift An Experience

Why VR Escape Room Gift Cards make perfect gifts

On the lookout for that perfect gift? Switch things up by gifting a unique and memorable experience with fun guaranteed at Apsis VR, Melbourne!

We offer a one-way ticket out of the ordinary and into a realm of mind-boggling puzzles and flabbergasting adventures, the ultimate digital experience that guarantees fun for every player.

Whether you’re looking to surprise your loved one, recognise a special occasion or simply share the love with memorable gifts, Apsis VR has you covered. Allow us to elaborate…

Suitable For Ages Above 10

From teen customers to golden-agers, everyone gets to ride the thrill wave. This gift is a guaranteed hit for all generations. PS: no experience required!

Collect Memories, Not Things!

In a world overflown with stuff, experiences top anything. At Apsis VR Escape Room, you’ll create memories that outlast any physical gift!

Whether it’s the excitement of cracking a complex code, the joy of solving a mystery or the satisfaction of conquering a virtual universe, these memories are pure gold.

What makes it so special?

Fully customisable to your liking

Are you a history buff? A sci-fi fanatic? Or maybe you’re just in it for the adrenaline rush. No worries, there’s room for everyone!

At Apsis VR Escape Room, you’re the master of your own adventure. Choose from a diverse range of VR games, each with its own epic story and level of difficulty.

Think outside of the gift-wrapped box

Imagine the gift exchange in full swing, and everyone is eagerly tearing through wrapping paper. But when your recipient opens that virtual reality escape room gift card, their eyes light up with astonishment.

You can almost hear the collective “Wow!” as you creativity takes center stage.

What’s gonna work? Teamwork!

Forget about trust falls and awkward icebreakers. We are the real deal when it comes to team bonding. Dive into mind-boggling challenges that demand teamwork, creative thinking and communication.

It’s the perfect gift for group events, business outings and unforgettable family reunions.

How to share the love

Handing over the gift card is easy

Do you and the recipient not live in the same region, but you’d still love for them to experience these amazing games? You can purchase the online gift card on our website and forward it to the person you love so they can redeem it!

While we’re working on the perfect design for a physical gift card, you can explore multiple gift vouchers available here in our online shop. Choose the one that suits you, and download and/or print it out to present as the perfect gift. This way, you have the freedom to gift this unique digital experience your way.

Get in touch!

Need more information about our games and/or gift cards? Don’t hesitate to give us a call or send an email. Or, if you need a good excuse to visit Melbourne’s CBD, why not make Apsis VR your destination of choice?

Connect with us for an adventure that you won’t soon forget.

Ready to gift an unforgettable experience? Shop now and spread the love with a gift that goes beyond the ordinary!

Is it safe for children to play?

We require that all players must be over 10 years old to partake in our virtual reality games.

That being said, all our games are entirely safe for children over 10 to participate in.

How much does it cost to play our VR games?

From Monday to Thursday, our games cost $49 per head and from Friday to Sunday $59 per head.

What VR systems does APSIS VR use?

APSIS VR uses HTC VIVE VR headsets and controllers.

What is the difference between virtual reality escape rooms and regular escape rooms?

Whilst typical escape rooms are confined to the rules of real life, VR escape rooms allow players to experience a virtual world that defies these constraints. Explore a lost pyramid, brave a haunted house or enter Wonderland in VR with a virtual reality headset that will leave you wondering where the games end and real life begins.

Do I need to have experience in Virtual Reality to play?

Absolutely not! Our highly skilled and experienced staff will fit you expertly with a virtual reality headset, teach you how to use the HTC VIVE equipment and be nearby at all times to answer any questions you may have about virtual reality and the games. Good news is our VR software is easy to use.