Unlocking Halloween Magic With An Apsis VR Scary Escape Room

Looking for fun Halloween activities in Melbourne? Join Apsis VR on a unique adventure and make it an unforgettable way to celebrate Halloween with a scary escape room! Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience with virtual reality games. Our professional Game Masters are trained to make sure everyone enjoys their time at Apsis VR.

Dive into the world of virtual reality at Apsis VR, Melbourne, and experience a spine-tingling Halloween night that combines escape hunt, locked doors, haunted houses, and team building all in one.

Unlocking Halloween Magic With An Apsis VR Scary Escape Room - Apsis VR Melbourne


Where Halloween and Virtual Reality meet

Our scary Halloween escape rooms will blur the lines between reality and fantasy, taking you on a journey that will have your heart racing and your wits tested.

Discover how Apsis VR combined the thrills of Halloween with the wonders of virtual reality to create an unforgettable Halloween night, perfect for teens, friends and family in Melbourne.


A haunting Halloween escape

Prepare to step into a nightmarish scenario like no other. We offer multiple eerie and dark games, but to those who are looking for heart-racing and palms-sweaty kind of challenges… Apsis VR will be the right fit for you!


Say no more, we have just the Halloween escape you have been looking for. Our House of Fear Escape Room unfolds within the confines of a haunted mansion, where malevolent spirits and an ominous sense of foreboding take over the house.

The virtual reality experience transports you into this eerie world, making you question whether you’re in real-life Halloween adventure or an escape room designed for young people and adults alike.


We get it, not everyone is a big fan of jump scares and ghosts. That’s why we offer different escape room games that cater towards those who aren’t prepared for a scary experience.

If you are looking for creepy but heart-friendly games, we highly suggest Sanctum and The Prison, some of our most played escape rooms.


Your mission, should you dare to accept it, is to solve puzzles and riddles and escape before the stroke of midnight, adhering to the set time limit. This Halloween, you’ll find yourself trapped with fellow adventurers, your only hope of escape lying in your collective problem solving skills. Every clue you uncover and puzzle you solve takes you one step closer to unraveling the mysteries behind every locked door.

An adrenaline-fueled Halloween adventure

As you venture deeper into this chilling escape room, you’ll quickly realise that this is no ordinary Halloween night activity.

Apsis VR’s Halloween-themed experience harnesses state-of-the-art virtual reality technology to deliver an unmatched level of immersion, perfect for team building and celebrating Halloween with friends.

Perfect for any occasion

This immersive experience is perfect for small or large groups and corporate team building events!

Success within our escape rooms hinges on effective teamwork and communication. To escape before the clock runs out, you and your group must collaborate!

These puzzles and challenges are designed to engage both your mind and body, ensuring that each member of your group plays an essential role in your Halloween adventure!

Unlocking Halloween Magic With An Apsis VR Scary Escape Room - Apsis VR Melbourne

A Halloween escape to remember

Don’t let this Halloween night pass without experiencing the thrill of Apsis VR’s escape room. Book your tickets, assemble your team and prepare to confront your fears like no other!

Do you dare enter the immersive world of Apsis VR this Halloween? The scariest night of the year just got a whole lot scarier, and you don’t want to miss it.

Happy Halloween, and may your escape be a thrilling one!

Is it safe for children to play?

We require that all players must be over 16 years old to partake in our scary virtual reality games.

How much does it cost to play our VR games?

From Monday to Thursday, our games cost $49 per head and from Friday to Sunday $59 per head.

What VR systems does APSIS VR use?

APSIS VR uses HTC VIVE VR headsets and controllers.

What is the difference between virtual reality escape rooms and regular escape rooms?

Whilst typical escape rooms are confined to the rules of real life, VR escape rooms allow players to experience a virtual world that defies these constraints. Explore a lost pyramid, brave a haunted house or enter Wonderland in VR with a virtual reality headset that will leave you wondering where the games end and real life begins.

Do I need to have experience in Virtual Reality to play?

Absolutely not! Our highly skilled and experienced staff will fit you expertly with a virtual reality headset, teach you how to use the HTC VIVE equipment and be nearby at all times to answer any questions you may have about virtual reality and the games. Good news is our VR software is easy to use.