Why a Virtual Reality Escape Room Gift Card Is The Perfect Christmas Present

The Perfect Gift

Apsis VR Escape Room Gift Cards Melbourne

It’s that time of the year again where we go out of our way to find that perfect Christmas present. If you are looking for a gift that’s special and not done before… This is your sign to stop looking, and to keep reading!

Gift your loved ones an unforgettable experience in our virtual reality escape room, right in the heart of Melbourne!

T(h)ree reasons to gift this Christmas experience

Our Christmas dedicated escape room

Yes, you read that right; at Apsis VR, it can be Christmas every day!

Even though we have multiple games, we’d love to spread the Christmas joy with our Christmas Virtual Reality Escape Room. You’ll be transported to a snow-covered wonderland!

Celebrate the holiday season Down Under

Our Christmas Virtual Reality Escape Room gives you 45 minute of frost and snow, even in the heat of Australian summer.

Add a dash of adventure to your gift ideas this holiday season and purchase an Apsis VR Escape Room online gift card today!

Share the magic with your relatives

If you’ve got family visiting from distant shores, Apsis VR Escape Room is the place to be. Share the magic of our escape rooms with guests from around the world!

No matter where your loved ones are from, the joy of escaping reality and diving into adventure knows no limits.

Apsis VR Escape Room Melbourne - Christmas VR - Screenshot 1
Apsis VR Escape Room Melbourne - Christmas VR - Screenshot 2

Is it budget friendly?

Don’t worry, our vouchers come in a range of prices, so you can find one that suits your budget and still leaves smiles as bright as Rudolph’s nose.

Promised holiday happiness

This is your sign to invest in experiences that create lasting memories. Our online gift cards guarantee moments of holiday cheer and adventure. You’ll be the appreciated holiday hero, dashing through the snow!

Let’s celebrate Christmas together

So, what do you think? Are you ready to become Santa’s saviour and save Christmas? You can shop for gift vouchers on our website. Don’t forget to check out our great range of virtual reality games!

Give the gift of escape on a sno-ho-howy sleigh ride through time, space and pure Christmas joy!

Is it safe for children to play?

We require that all players must be over 10 years old to partake in our virtual reality games.

That being said, all our games are entirely safe for children over 10 to participate in.

How much does it cost to play our VR games?

From Monday to Thursday, our games cost $49 per head and from Friday to Sunday $59 per head.

What VR systems does APSIS VR use?

APSIS VR uses HTC VIVE VR headsets and controllers.

What is the difference between virtual reality escape rooms and regular escape rooms?

Whilst typical escape rooms are confined to the rules of real life, VR escape rooms allow players to experience a virtual world that defies these constraints. Explore a lost pyramid, brave a haunted house or enter Wonderland in VR with a virtual reality headset that will leave you wondering where the games end and real life begins.

Do I need to have experience in Virtual Reality to play?

Absolutely not! Our highly skilled and experienced staff will fit you expertly with a virtual reality headset, teach you how to use the HTC VIVE equipment and be nearby at all times to answer any questions you may have about virtual reality and the games. Good news is our VR software is easy to use.