Embracing Virtual Reality in Education

Apsis VR extends a warm invitation to schools to join us in revolutionising teaching and learning through cutting-edge digital technologies. Tailored for Year 9 and 10 students and teachers, our innovative methodology aims not only to boost student engagement and retention but also to enhance their employment prospects in today’s challenging economic landscape.

In 2024, we will introduce introductory modules to help students grasp the hardware and software of Virtual Reality as an integral part of the digital technologies curriculum. Simultaneously, a teacher professional development program will kick off, ensuring educators are well-versed in these technologies ahead of their students.


What’s in Store for Schools?

We offer an unparalleled learning experience at the Apsis VR venue. The cost is $49 per student, providing them with training on the latest technology and content. For educators, our teacher professional development program is priced at $199 per teacher for a 2-hour session at the Apsis VR venue, with a minimum requirement of 6 teachers.

Apsis VR Extended Reality 100 School Registration Program

Our Mission: Giving Back to Educators and Society

Driven by gratitude for the lessons our teachers have imparted over the decades, we are eager to reciprocate by helping them adapt to new technologies for more effective teaching. Comprising recent and soon-to-be graduates from Melbourne’s leading universities in Art, Music, and Technology, ApsisVR introduces a unique and exciting approach to enhance student learning and engagement.

Who We Are: A Diverse Team Committed to Excellence

Apsis VR is proud to be a diverse team, with staff hailing from Australia, Spain, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Belgium, and New Zealand. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our outstanding 4.9 rating based on over 600 positive Google reviews.

Victorian First: Innovating Education with Passion

This initiative marks a Victorian first, led by university students from Australia, offering an innovative perspective on improving the classroom experience for the next generation of students.

Budget Considerations

The cost for student training at the Apsis VR venue is $49 per student, while the teacher professional development program is priced at $199 per teacher for a 2-hour session at our venue (minimum 6 teachers).

Join us in shaping the future of education


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Extended Reality 100 School Registration Program
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